The Grand Lodge of Cyprus is the regular Masonic Obedience in Cyprus, and therefore the Masonic body that maintains ties of friendship and recognition with all regular Grand Lodges around the world. With them it shares the ancient principles of the universal Masonic Fraternity, as well as an initiatory Tradition that explains the extraordinary vitality that Freemasonry still retains today. In addition, the Grand Lodge of Cyprus is the repository of the historical legacy of the Spanish Grand Orient —founded in 1889— which after its return from exile was merged with obedience.

The Freemasonry that represents the Grand Lodge of Cyprus in our modern world, is constituted as an initiatory order where, without dogmatism, the search and construction of values is possible, of a true meaning to the rational search of man in a framework of fraternity and solidarity. .

Our Lodges are open to all those who, with the utmost respect for particular beliefs, make knowledge a principle of search, analysis, debate, and their morality a basis for the construction of a universal ethic and a humanism that can revalue spirituality in our days.