The Parliament of Galicia unanimously recognizes the honorability of Freemasonry

The Butterfly Skin Association rewards the solidarity of Freemasonry
The Butterfly Skin Association has distinguished Andalusian Freemasonry  for ” its support, dissemination and awareness work ” in the awarding of its 2019 annual awards, which were delivered at the Madrid Hospital de La Paz. It is the only institution awarded together to medical professionals and relatives of patients.In 2015 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Andalusia of the  Grand Lodge of Spain decided to support the cause of the Butterfly Skin  for three years , a rare disease that causes extreme skin fragility to the point that a simple hug can cause serious injuries. The commitment of the Andalusian Apprentices, Companions and Master Masons has given visibility to this disease and has generated an impact of more than 65,000 euros that has changed the lives of many families. ” Thanks to the unconditional support you have given us, we have achieved achievements that otherwise would have been unimaginable ,” said the  Asociación Piel de Mariposa .
The Parliament of Galicia unanimously recognizes the honorability of Freemasonry

The Galician Parliament has unanimously recognized all its groups as honorable Masonry in the face of the ” suffering of those people who suffer persecution, sanctions, criminal convictions, are exiled or executed for their defense and that of their ideals ” in various countries of the world. 

” The Parliament agrees to recognize and declare the honorability of the institution of Freemasonry and support the right of its members to defend their ideals within the framework of the democratic system that, like the Spanish, protects the exercise of the rights of freedom of conscience and thought. , an objective that should be extended to all the countries of the world “, says the non-law proposal approved by unanimous agreement of all the parliamentary groups.

With this declaration , the Parliament of Galicia becomes the second autonomous parliament, after the Balearic Islands, which unanimously joins the recognition of the honorability of the democratic principles and values ​​of Freemasonry promoted by the Grand Lodge of Spain . These recognitions have had a wide echo in the Canary Islands, where the Cabildos of Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de la Palma and the municipalities of Arucas, Galdar, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de la Palma and Telde have adopted similar declarations. On the peninsula, other capitals such as Seville or Cádiz and municipalities such as Amoeiro, Barbadás, Castropodames, Isona and Conca Dellá, Ronda or Vivares have joined the declaration. 


Cádiz takes Freemasonry seriously

There are few things as serious as the chirigotas of the Cadiz Carnival that unrestrictedly criticize current affairs through ingenuity. This year we have been able to follow with a smile the repertoire of Los Masones en Adobo  at the Gran Teatro Falla who sing to their city in one of the choruses ” Cádiz you are not a Mason, Cádiz you are a masoca “. The members of the chirigota dress up as a Master Mason with letters that neither sink nor raise Freemasonry. Can there be more normality? Thank you for your ingenuity: ” Here’s to the lodge never having room for greed, but for a trailer with a Galician star to fit there .” 
The Military Museum of the Canary Islands exhibits its Masonic funds in the official calendar of 2019

The Military Historical Museum of the Canary Islands has thousands of treasures. Among them there are several Masonic ceremonial swords that its technical secretariat has decided to immortalize in the institution’s 2019 calendar. In the November image you can see a trefoil sword with a straight blade typical of the Order, immortalized in watercolor by the artist Volha Belevets.

The pictorial work and the original sword can be admired in the Museum , located in the Fort of Almeyda, the fortress built in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife between 1859 and 1884. The Museum , which opened its doors 30 years ago, develops an intense activity that has made it a reference institution in the life of the city and has a permanent exhibition in which some 1,200 collections are exhibited, of the almost 3,000 that it conserves, which allow a tour of the military history of the islands Canary Islands.


Hiram Abif 80 micro-story competition
The Respectable Hiram Abif Lodge number 80 of the Grand Lodge of Cyprus has convened the first short story contest, endowed with a prize of 200 euros for the winning work, within the framework of the celebrations for its 25th anniversary. Any person over 16 years of age may participate by presenting an unpublished story in Spanish, with a free theme, that does not exceed 200 words. According to the rules of the contest , the works may be presented until April 11 and an exhibition of the works pre-selected by the jury will take place. The ruling, unappealable, will be made public on May 24.