Freemasonry or Freemasonry is one of the oldest initiatory fraternities that is based on the belief in a Supreme Being, expressed under the name of the Great Architect of the Universe. As a Traditional initiatory Order that seeks the improvement of the human being, it consists of the transmission and teaching of a method, the ritual and symbolic, by whose knowledge and assimilation the Freemason is in a position to apply it to himself and to his social environment.

Freemasonry welcomes in its bosom only free men, of legal age, respectable and independent, only dependent on their conscience and dedicated to putting into practice an ideal of peace, love and brotherhood, concerned about their moral improvement as well as that of Humanity. whole. It is not a religion, a philosophical school, a club, an NGO, a metapolitical organization, a secret society, nor is it a society with secrets. We can recognize some traits and applications of these aspects in our Fraternity, but none of them are totally defining of what Freemasonry is. In any case, they are articulated radially around the essentials of the Order: its substance, the hermeneutics of its transmission and initiatory purpose.

Freemasonry becomes a universal, ethical, philosophical and initiatory Institution, which pursues an achievable ideal based on reason, education, and constant and patient work.

Freemasonry requires all its members to respect the opinions and beliefs of others and avoids any political or religious discussion in order to constitute a permanent center of fraternal union, where a tolerant understanding and a fruitful harmony among men reign. Masons recognize each other as brothers and we consider our association, freely consented individually, as an alliance of free men who wish to progress and develop internally based on universal principles.

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Source: Published in Grand Lodge of Cyprus .
Authorship: Communication Department.