Characteristics of a Mason

Any person who is interested in belonging to Freemasonry must meet the following three requirements:

• Be a FREE person, since the request for initiation into Freemasonry must be a consequence of innate individual freedom, away from any pressure, influence, dependency, or circumstance that restricts it.

• Be a person OF GOOD CUSTOMS, that is, trustworthy, honest in his private life, in his way of working, and of good reputation.

• BELIEVE IN A SUPERIOR PRINCIPLE or First Cause of everything created, which is commonly called God, and which Masons, always respecting the freedom of the individual before any particular belief, name as the Great Architect of the Universe.

In addition, to be a member you must be a man, over 21 years of age, without distinction of nationality, social group or religion, have a minimum capacity to understand the philosophical concepts of the Order and have a “science, art, trade, or income” as expressed in the old guidelines of the Order.