Prof. Mamadi KoromaHon'ble Rector
It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to come and study in the UGLC a government of Guinea institution.

Established in the year 2005 by a legislation of the Government of Guinea in West Africa, the UGLC has been an autonomous and prominent Degree granting public University in Guinea. Currently, there are more than 27,000 students enrolled in UGLC.

UGLC has been named after the second President of Guinea General Lansana Conte who has done a great service to the nation by leading the country over a period of 24 years where he helped the nation in many ways. UGLC has been attracting the French-speaking Guinean students so far and our thinking and strategies have been limited to Guinea. But seeing the faster integration of the world and the breaking down of barriers, UGLC has decided to expand its offerings to suit the developmental needs of this continent, and also provide better affordable courses to willing students.

That is why, UGLC has been in the field of education since 1990, earning a great respect among the students, Alumni and also the employers of our graduates. UGLC is now launching the English language based top notch programs that will serve the students of the entire African continent to prepare them for the 21st century needs. The institutions of higher learning like UGLC play a vital role in meeting the needs and demands of the rapidly growing economy of any country as underlined in the reports of the World Bank. The faculty and staff of UGLC are putting in their best efforts to make its presence felt in this national endeavor. UGLC’s mission is to enrich you and that, in turn, will enrich Africa!

There are several foreign educational institutes in Africa with expensive fee courses, which makes the education available only to the privilege of few. By changing that paradigm, UGLC is offering affordable, several jobs oriented diploma, degree and research programs that will improve the employability of the students graduating from this University. The degrees and diplomas granted by UGLC are acceptable in all the countries of MRU/Africa as UGLC is a long standing member of all the important alliances like the UNESCO, International Association of Universities and others.

Following the philosophy of blended learning, UGLC is also maintaining the policy of openness and flexibility in terms of relaxed entry, the duration for completing a program and place of study. Continuous efforts will be made to widen the access by offering high quality innovative and need-based programs at different levels especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized segments of society at affordable cost by using different forms of media and technology. By continuously raising the bar of quality, UGLC will ensure that all those who pass through the portals of UGLC will be the best in their chosen fields of study and work. The education and training are being imparted through various means of communication that include study material, counseling, workshops, seminars, contact programs or combination of any two or more of such means. The study material is designed in self-learning mode that makes blended learning effective. To strengthen the learning process practical training is also conducted.

In this age of information and technology, we need to constantly upgrade our manpower and technological resources. Application of new technology is an area of priority to us which will be helpful in making learning more effective. In this process, extensive use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) shall be undertaken to provide opportunities for higher education to a large segment of the population. With the application of ICT, multimedia packages shall be developed to cater specific needs of learners.

The new high quality, flexible programs will be taught in English and will have the best educational course material, great teachers, intentional case studies, practical lessons, and lab work in practice-oriented programs. Moreover, the courses can be taken at the pace the student wants to learn without being pressurized. UGLC has been so far fortunate to attract many important employers who come to the campus and recruit our students. UGLC expects that the trend will continue for the new students who will join in the English language based programs.

The entire offering of several hundreds of courses beginning with the most needed job oriented courses will be on a blended fashion with a major portion of the program using the best ICT-based learning and by face to face interaction, in order to give you the best of the both world. The ICT element enables the easy and comfortable learning, where a student can learn the lessons that are tough repetitively to understand the real meaning of it perfectly.

To make the learning interesting, the course materials are embedded with video clips, PPTs, practical examples, short assignments and problem-solving exercises.

UGLC course will blend the time-tested pedagogy with the ICT and mobile technology enabling each of the modern students to learn something that will make him/her job worthy and also a lifelong learner.

The delivery of the courses uses a combination of multiple communication tools such as the internet, telephone, etc. to provide students an educational experience that is interconnected and seamless. At UGLC, students are provided access to a student portal that can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The portal is a central platform which links the student to the Learning Management System (containing the textual, audio-video lectures), the University Management System (containing operational features such as payment of fee) and the Issue Resolution System (where the students can raise queries for any operational issues while using ICT services). Students are also provided a mobile application which contains certain features of the student portal.

The students will also be assisted by a centralized Student Support Cell consisting of counsellors who will address any issue faced by the student. The issues raised will be captured on the Issue Resolution System so that the students and the University officials can keep a track of any progress made. If the student so desires he / she can have the option of learning a blended bilingual based degrees as we progress. This will enable the students after their graduation to seek jobs in any part of the world as in 2020, it is predicted that there will be plenty of jobs available for trained persons in many countries of the world as populations of those countries are shrinking.

I am extremely sure that our efforts at building a student-centric learning environment will be appreciated by our students. This will ensure that more employers will recruit our students who will be fully ready for the bilingual best quality education. It will go a long way in contributing to the efforts to create a great Africa in the coming decade and that is why our aim is to become a center of excellence with the global reputation.

I assure you a real life changing experience while you learn in UGLC. We will prepare you with knowledge, wisdom, and readiness to face life.

All are welcome! Wish you a bright future!