Master of Arts - Education

Bachelor of arts


The MA - Education Program is a broad-based program of study that includes theory, practice, research, policy and planning in education. It has sought to forge interconnections with the larger context of education as well as with the range of principles and practices that inform education studies today. It attempts to develop educational professionals that are capable of analysis, reflection, conceptual thinking, and meaningful action.


The candidates should have passed any Bachelors Degree i.e if he/she has any three year graduation degree or any other recognized degree as equivalent thereto.

Course Structure

First Year

  • Education-Nature And Purposes
  • Learning Learner And Development
  • Operational Dimensions Of Education
  • Research Methods In Education
  • Understanding Education

Second Year

  • Higher Education: Its Context And Linkages
  • Higher Education: The Socio-Psychological Field
  • Instruction In Higher Education
  • Planning And Management Of Higher Education
  • Project Work